What They Didn’t Tell You About Being a Boy Mom

Life of a Mom / Saturday, May 18th, 2019

Boy moms everywhere are always warned about the amount of energy they have, how much they eat and how fast they grow.  And, all boy moms agonize over the lack of variety and options in the boys clothing section of any store.  But, there are some things that are never mentioned.  Here are 3 things they don’t tell you about being a boy mom.


1.       They want to talk too!

My oldest son is a talker.  Especially now that he is in school.  He has stories every day about what happened on the playground.  What his friend said about him that wasn’t true.  And the explanations as to why he gets Dojo points taken away are lengthy.  He has questions too.  A lot of questions.  I’m sure most of this is indicative of his age and his exposure to a new world with lots of new people.  However, “people” will have you believe that these talks are reserved for daughters.  That your son won’t want to talk as much.  LIES!  Being a boy mom also requires a lot of talking.  Now, I may have an update when we hit the teenage years.  But, for now, we have talks.  As long as I engage now, maybe it won’t change.  Maybe he’ll always want to talk to me because I’m willing to listen.


2.       They’re not easier to dress. 

I blame my husband for this one.  My 3 year old went back and forth with me one morning because he said the shoes I picked out for him “didn’t match”.  (Yes, he actually used those words)  While some boys may not care and just throw on some shorts, a shirt and whatever shoes they can find…not mine.  They know when they are wearing something new.  They will stare me down until I say “you’re so handsome”. 


3.       They’re protective, even if it’s dad. 

Everyone told me to be happy that I have boys because they will always take care of their momma.  And mine do! They are protective and require all of my attention.  They don’t care who else wants it…even if it’s dad.  See what they don’t tell you is that your sons will not even want your husband to be the object of your affection.  Family movie nights will always include a moment of my baby boy finding his way to wedge himself between me and my husband.  It’s gotten to the point that it’s a joke.  My husband taunts our son by making sure he sees us hugging and kissing…it drives him crazy!  Just last night I came into the living room and snuggled up next to my husband on the couch.  My baby boy looked up and just started crying!  “Mommy, you not my friend anymore?!”  Oh, the dramatics.


What are some things you discovered as a parent that you were not warned about?

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