Budget Friendly Stores for Cleaning and Organizing Items

Life of Leigh / Sunday, January 19th, 2020

My newest obsession is watching “Clean With Me” videos on YouTube.  (Check out my faves here!)  Just watching them makes me want to get up and mop my kitchen!  This obsession has led me to want to clean and organize everything! Which means I’ve been in the stores (and on my husband’s nerves).  Everyone knows that Walmart, Target and Ikea have everything you need. But, those aren’t the stores I hit up.  Here are my top 3 budget friendly stores  for cleaning and organizing items.  The last one is a shocker!

  1. Dollar Tree

It’s official. Any list I make that includes stores will undoubtedly include Dollar Tree. I mean, the satisfaction it brings me to find items I need at Dollar Tree is incomparable!  I almost exclusively buy all of my cleaning products from Dollar Tree. There are a few items I get from major retailers. But Dollar Tree is where its at! For super strict budgets, all cleaning items can be bought at Dollar Tree. At really good ones, you can find really nice storage and organization items. And, if you need a lot, you can always purchase them online. So, if an item is not in your local store, doesn’t mean you can’t have it!

  1. Five Below

This is a newer fave of mine. There isn’t one conveniently located near us. So, I can’t just make a run real quick. But, when we are close to one, I make it a point to go inside. I’ve been to 3 different locations in my area in the past 3 weeks. And I made a purchase each time. Their home items are really nice. The quality and variations of storage bins, etc. helped me in multiple rooms in the house.  The cabinet under my sink in the kitchen looks so good.  I’ve got all my cleaning products categorized in their own bin.  So, now when I want to clean the bathroom I just grab the bathroom cleaning bin and go on my way.

  1. Family Dollar

I know, I’m surprised too. But I’ve recently found some really nice organization items in Family Dollar for very good prices. Like Dollar Tree, not every location is made the same. So, it may take some looking around to find a location that is neat and fully stocked. But, when you do, you’ll be presently surprised.  I found canvas bins for $4 and acrylic drawers for $6.  There’s also some cute wall art that I may go back to check out.


I’ve made the age old commitment to be more organized this year.  To keep my house clean(er).  And now that I have actually organized key areas in my house, it might actually happen this year.  What areas have you organized so far?  What are your go-to stores?

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