Family and Budget Friendly Staycation Ideas

Life of a Mom, Life of Leigh / Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Spring break is coming up. There is a whole week we have to figure out what to do with our kid. This year a trip away is not in the cards for us. So, we have to figure out what there is to do in our own back yard. Here are my ten ideas for a perfect family and budget friendly staycation.



An oldie but goodie. There will never not be a time that a trip to the bowling alley won’t be fun. And, I have to admit, I really like bowling alley food. Corn nuggets are my jam!

2. Movies

It might cost you an arm and a leg. But, you can never go wrong with a trip to the movies. Especially since there are reclining seats that heat up. These kids don’t know how easy they have it. If you do a little research, you may find a theater that has specials for kids when they’re out of school.

3.Local Parks

I love taking my boys to the park. It’s free and gets rid of their energy. While you have time on your hands, venture out to a park in another area of town. It will make your kids feel like they really went somewhere.

 4.Beach Day

We’re lucky that we have a beach and we live in Florida. So, even when it may not be beach season, it’s still beach season.


If you’ve read some of my other blog posts you know I LOVE the library. We go just about every other Saturday. Just go to your local library’s website and search for all of the activities for that week. Sometimes there’s even a movie showing.

 6.Try New Restaurants

This one of me and my husband’s favorite things to do. So skip out on the everyday chain restaurant and try a local spot. Somewhere you wouldn’t normally go to. You’d be supporting a local business and giving your kids a new experience.

7. Cooking Class

When you’re not eating local, you can cook local. A cooking class is a great way to spend time with your family and learn how to do something new. A more budget friendly version would be to try a new recipe at home as a family. Grab all the ingredients and get in the kitchen. Turn up some music and good times will be had by all.

8. Groupon Activities

I am always on Groupon. We just took Christmas family photos thanks to Groupon. Before you make any plans check Groupon. There are always activities on there for a low cost. I even found movie tickets for $5 last week.

9. Museum

Just because it’s spring break doesn’t mean there can’t be any educational activities on the agenda.

10.Attend a Sporting Event

Unless you’re a season ticket holder, nothing will make you feel like you’re out of town like going to a sporting event of a team that you don’t see often. Perfect example: Our city has a hockey team. If I were to take my boys to a hockey game, in Florida, they would think we really went somewhere!


On your next staycation create memories that you’ll never forget. Give your family experiences outside of the norm. Family and budget friendly staycations don’t have to be boring or even status quo. They should be a rediscovery of your own city. I can’t wait to rediscover mine!


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