Life of Leigh / Friday, June 15th, 2018

How would you feel if every time you entered a room you were announced?  Like there is a major concert and you are the headliner.  That is the way I feel every time I enter a room where my uncle is already there.  I enter the room and hear:


In my very first blog post “Who is Leigh?” I explained that only close family members call me a version of my name that includes Leigh.

He is the originator. 

My dad may be the oldest, but his little brother had three kids before my parents had me.  To this day my uncle still proclaims how happy he was when I was born…because he was tired of being the only one with kids!  Even though he has LOTS of nieces and nephews now, I still like to think I am his favorite.  I will ALWAYS be the first!

He didn’t stop at those first three kids.  He went on to have many more children and around 30 grandchildren.  (I could give an exact number, but I’m too lazy count,)  That may sound like a lot, because it is.  To say our family is big is an understatement.  But his love is even bigger.  He LOVES his kids and especially his grandkids.  I remember being their age and loving every minute I spent with my uncle.  Whenever he had to go the store he would always ask if I wanted to go.  I would always say yes.  Each and every time we entered the store he would say I could pick out any snack I want. 

Duh.  Hello!  What kid wouldn’t want to go?!

*That moment I realized that I was the tag along for the beer runs…I digress.

My uncle is the blue crab king! I live for the days he has the pot out and I happen to be in town.  The two years we lived in New York I was deprived.  I have yet to find any good seafood in upstate New York.  Now that we’re back, I eat them every chance I get!  God blessed his hands!  God blessed me with my Uncle Robert!

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