Feeding A Family On A Budget

Life of Leigh / Saturday, May 16th, 2020

There was a time in my life that I went to three different grocery stores just to get ALL the deals!  Grocery shopping used to be an event for me.  I shopped around. Then, grocery stores starting having price matching and digital deals.  So, I could go to maybe just two stores.


That time is no longer.


Our new normal has me limiting my outings drastically!  I heed to the recommendations and only leave the house if I absolutely need to.  Which means, I am only going to one grocery store for everything if possible.  One store that I find myself in every week is Aldi.  About a month before the Covid-19 Pandemic a new Aldi opened on my side of town and it couldn’t have come at a better time!  I save so much money shopping there!  Now you can too with my budget friendly grocery list!  (Stay tuned!)


Not only are the products high in quality, they’re low in cost!  So many people have lost their jobs or are severely underemployed due to the Pandemic.  Shopping at Aldi provides an opportunity for anyone finding themselves on a stricter budget than normal to get WAY more for their money.  And let’s be honest.  Even for those of us that are still working, we are watching our coins more closely.  If nothing else, this has made me want to save more.  And, shopping at Aldi allows me to do just that.

I have mastered how to feed my family of 4 for a week under $75. That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner! I’m sharing my printable Aldi grocery list with you! This budget friendly printable grocery list is just what you need!  All you have to do is take the list with you and get to shopping and saving.  Just enter your email address below and I will send you the list right away!





budget friendly grocery list

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7 Replies to “Feeding A Family On A Budget”

  1. $75 per week is amazing! And you’re right, even those who havent losttheir jobs are trying to save money. This ordeal has definitely reminded us of the need to save as well as having an emergency fund.

  2. We also shop at Aldi from time to time. It’s a bit farther away from where we live, but when we go there, we save a ton. Feeding a family of 4 under just $75 a week is very impressive!

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