Five Ways To Continue Education During The Summer

Life of a Mom / Sunday, June 9th, 2019

Summertime comes in and routine goes out the door.  Kids are excited to trade in teacher led lesson days for snacks and video games.  However, parents know that the lessons don’t end just because it’s summer.  I recently read that, on average, students lose 2 months of reading skills over the summer.  In addition, math skills are at risk as well.  So, it is equally important to provide your kids with fun times and continued learning during the summer.  Here are five summer learning resources to continue your kids’ education during the summer.


1.       Dollar Tree

There are many reasons I love Dollar Tree. (Am I the only one addicted to Dollar Tree DIY videos on YouTube?!)  One of them is for the educational resources they have.  Every time I go in there I go straight to the school workbooks.  Whatever my kids are learning  there is always a workbook that covers that subject.  This is perfect for the summer time.  I will get workbooks for my son to review what he learned in Kindergarten and sharpen his skills.  Then, I’ll buy some at the 1st grade level to get him prepared for what’s to come.  Why not give our kids a head start on what’s to come!  If you can’t find them in your local store, you can shop online with Dollar Tree.  There is a minimum amount of each item you have to by if you order online.  But, I don’t think you can have enough workbooks.

2.       Library

Our local library has a summer reading program that is city wide.  Each branch will have events and experiences for kids during the summer to encourage their love for reading.  If you’re in the greater Jacksonville area go here to find all the details about the summer reading program.  If not, go to your local public libraries website and see what exciting things they have planned.

Going to the library just because is also a way to prevent your kids’ brain turning into mush.  Most libraries have computers with educational programs already loaded onto them.  And the best part, it’s free.  My kind of outing!

3.       Summer Reading Course

The Institute of Reading Development have summer reading programs all over the country.  This summer program was a game changer for us.  The summer before Pre-K we enrolled our son into this program and by the end of the course, he could read!  It was amazing!  We continued to keep him in a book, watching phonics videos and reviewing sight words flash cards with him.  The reading course really lit a fire under the already burning flame we had going.  I’m proud to say that he knew ALL of his Kindergarten sight words by the middle of the school year and had to be given First grade sight words.  Visit the website and see if there is a location in your area.  You will not regret it!

4.       Museums

This one goes without saying.  Museums are always a great place to take your kids for a good educational fun time.  Our local museums are free the first Saturday of every month.  That’s 1 free trip to the museum every month of summer break.  Check out your local museum deals and programs.  I’m sure you’ll find something!

5.       Barnes and Noble

I was so excited to hear that Barnes and Noble gives kids a free book for just reading!  And, this year, they have expanded the program to include teens and adults as well!  That’s all your kid has to do, read.  All they have to do is read the B&N designated amount of books for their age group, write about their favorite part in their reading log and then bring the competed reading log to your local Barnes and Noble.  Then, kids in grades 1-6 will receive a free book.  There are also special summer reading deals for all ages.  Our whole family will definitely be participating in this program! 


What summer learning resources will you be using this summer to keep your kids’ minds sharp?



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