Hidden Me Time in the Middle of a Busy Day

Life of a Mom, Life of a Professional / Sunday, August 19th, 2018


Get dressed.

Get boys dressed.

Drop boys off to school.

Go to work.


Go home.


Put boys to bed.


Go to bed.


 This is the life….NOT!


Sometimes I feel like I exist purely for everyone else in my life.  It is hard to find time for just me.  Time to enjoy myself.  Time that doesn’t have a trace of all the different roles I play.   When I go through my monthly “I’m tired, burnt out and never do anything” rant, my husband will remind me of the things I did get to do and the time I had lunch with my friends at work.  I used to get upset and felt like it wasn’t fair to call having lunch with friends at work “me time”.

But that’s exactly what it was.

If you’re like me, you usually eat at your desk, working in between bites and answering emails.  Then, the phone rings.  You just too a bite and hurridly get it down to answer the phone before the caller is sent to voicemail.  So, actually eating away from my desk AND with friends is an extra special treat.

I have adult conversation.  There are no children (of mine) around.   I get to eat a WHOLE meal uninterrupted.  If that’s not me time I don’t know what is!  Now, I look at my girlfriend lunch dates in a totally different way.  I enjoy them just a little bit more now that my mindset has changed about the value of that time. 

I challenge you to do the same. 

What are those “me time” moments that you take for granted?  Or, that you didn’t realize them for what they were.  Recognize them and cherish them!  Your perspective determines the vibe.  I want good vibes only!  (Cheesy, I know) 

Even if we end up talking about how our kids could eat chicken nuggets every day.  Or, how we’re always super tired every day from all that we do.  Or, share war stories of our kids tantrums. (All true stories by the way)  It’s still a great time.  Good ol’fashioned girl talk.  Can’t wait for the next one.

I will stop lying to myself that I NEVER get time to myself.  Time away from the kids.  Time to let lose a little.  Chances are, you have those moments too.  We just need more of them!

How do you find ways to sneak in some me-time in your day?

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