How I Get My Kids To School On Time

Life of a Mom / Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

My mom level just went up a notch.  My son started real school.  This brings a whole new meaning to my role as mom.  Now there is (real) homework, drop-off, pick-up, PTA, school fundraisers, tests…I’m tired just thinking about it!

When both boys were at the same daycare our daily routine was set and executed like clockwork.  Now we have two different drop offs and two different pick-ups.  Game Changer!

I had to quickly figure this thing out!  Luckily, we had a well-oiled machine before.  So, with a few tweaks, we are right on track.   Here is how we do it.


1.       Teamwork

This one goes without saying!  My husband and I tag team our morning routine.  We leverage each other’s strengths and get things done.   We’re like a relay team that has the smoothest passes you’ve ever seen.  I hate ironing, and I’m not that good at it.  So, I pick out the clothes, he irons them.  While he irons, I get the boys up and moving.   Then, I make sure they get dressed while he gets himself together.  Then, it’s my turn to get dressed while he brushes their hair and gets them ready to walk out the door.

I would be lying if I said we never deviate from this schedule.  We both have mornings when we are not feeling it and have nothing to give!  On those mornings we pitch in and help each other with our normal duties.  If you don’t have a spouse to help out, use your kids!  They’re part of the team too.  My oldest son often helps us.  Especially when it comes to helping with his little brother.

Teamwork makes the dream work.


2.       Stick with a routine

Another reason why our routine works is because we stick with it.  Same order each and every school day.  The boys are now programmed to know exactly what will happen.  When they wake up the first thing they ask is if they have school.  That’s because they know the answer to that question determines what they can (or can’t) do next.

Now, depending on what is on the TV, we may have to pry them away or refocus their attention.  (My kids are in no way perfect)  However, we don’t have to waste time getting them on task because they naturally move to the next thing.


3.       Prep the night before

My big boy was very clear from the beginning.  He wants to take his lunch to school.  Great!  One more thing I have to do!  Instead of trying to make sure I have time in the morning, I make his lunch at night.  In the morning all I have to do is grab it out of the fridge and put it on his lunch box.  Out the door we go.

Preparing his lunch every night has also made me consistent with prepping my breakfast and lunch for the next day. His first week of school I spent $0 in the cafeteria at work.  #winning


How do you get your kids put of the house ln time?

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