Living My Best Life…NOT!

Life of Leigh / Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

After dinner one Saturday night we sat around the kitchen table doing nothing and everything at the same time.  Drinks were poured, music was turned up and we enjoyed just being with each other.  Leave it to my family to turn listening to music into a competition.  We challenged each other on who could pick the best song.  We had categories, scores…the whole 9.

Then,  “Living My Best Life” came up.  The “Thong Song” of this era.

It’s super catchy and gets stuck in your head.  Even after it ran it’s course, every now and then you still catch yourself humming the tune.  I knew it had gone too far when there was a gospel remix.  Everybody and they grandma (literally) are living their best lives.  But, are they?

My stepmom said something super controversial.  “I don’t like that song.”

Shocked?  Me too.  But, once she explained her position, I have to admit that she has a point.  Wanna hear it?  Here it go.

“I’m not living my best life.  My best life is ahead of me.”

It’s so easy to repeat lyrics to a song or catchy phrases that celebrities make popular.  But, do you really think about what you’re saying?  It’s like when you used to go to the club singing and dancing to the newest bop.  Only to get about 10 years older, hear the song on the radio and think “Why did I dance to this like it was ok?”

If you’re living your best life, what do you have to look forward to?

I now know I am NOT living my best life. There has to be more than this.  I have faith that there is.  On the other hand, I’m not living my worst life with my head hung low. I am out here living, creating memories.  I am living life to the best of my ability while I work toward creating my best life.  So what is the “best life”.  It’s the life that is one level away from the life you are living now.  Right now, my mom life is full of yelling and aggravation.  I’m not afraid to admit that there are times where I get frustrated with my kids and don’t always react the way I would like to.  My best life as a mom is full of patience and peace.  Once I get there, I’ll rejoice, reflect and determine what the next level looks like.

My life as a wife, also not it’s best.  Being a mom of two boys, working full time, trying to be consistent with this blog and co-creating a business…is a lot.  Not to mention I’m still somebody’s daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece and friend.  But with all these competing priorities, my main priority is my marriage.  My best life as a wife is me consistently creating space for quality time with my husband.

Knowing that I am not living my best life does not mean my life is not good.

However, I want more.  And, there’s nothing wrong with that.  Knowing that my best life is ahead of me brings me joy and gives me the push I need to work towards it.  Telling myself that this is not my best life gives me the permission to want more.  To not settle.

My life might be the best than it has been before, but it’s not my absolute best.  It never will be.

What does your “best life” look like?

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  1. I love this post! It made me think about my best life. Right now my best life is remembering my mantra at all times to keep stress at a low level. My mantra is “Know what you are working with”. It enables me to manage my expectations of people and situations.

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