Missed Holiday Traditions: A Mom’s Confession

Life of a Mom / Sunday, January 5th, 2020

Picture it.  It’s only a few days after Christmas. Everyone is out of school and work. Just at home. Chilling. We’re relaxing on the couch and my husband asks me, “Where are the pillows?”.  I politely inform him that they are put away in the closet.

“You spent money on pillows just to put them up?!”

“Why yes, I did.”

It was hard enough for me to get my family to understand that my new decorative pillows were not for their napping pleasure. (They weren’t super expensive. They were a great Aldi find! And, I need them to keep their shape!) So, in that moment when my husband wet to lay his head upon one that was nowhere to be found, he realized I was serious.

The holiday season was much like my pillows. They were here for a short time then gone right when you were getting used to them.

I love the holiday season. It all starts with Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving special. My oldest son and I watched it when he was old enough to know what it is. And we’ve all been watching it every year ever since. I’m glued to Hallmark (And now Lifetime! They came through with the representation). The minute they announce the Christmas kick-off and line-up I’m all in! Then there’s riding to see Christmas lights, singing all the Christmas classics, baking Christmas goodies…the list goes on.

Confession: We Missed A Lot of Holiday Traditions

For some reason, this past Christmas didn’t feel the same. Our Christmas baking project was an epic fail. My lights were never lit. And, we didn’t get to take our annual family sight-seeing ride followed by ice cream cones.  So many missed holiday traditions.

We had good times. Created new memories. And, I did watch my fair share of Christmas movies. I even introduced my boys to Home Alone. It was a major success. All was not lost. However, it just didn’t feel the same. I didn’t have that same holly jolly spirit. We didn’t get to create all the memories I wanted to.  And, there’s no picture of us all together in our PJs.  I didn’t always have the motivation to make those things happen. (Obviously)

So, I wasted no time putting up the Christmas décor. I was on a cleaning and organizing mission. They had to go! I’m my house is in order (for the most part).  And, it’s satisfying to see things neatly in their place. But, putting them away also meant those missed memories and unbaked cookies wouldn’t happen for another 300+ days. Or would they?

*Insert light bulb above head

Why should I handcuff myself to creating memories and traditions only 2 months out of the year? Could it be that the reason I feel a huge void when my calendar is not full of holiday activities is because I don’t have many other activities to reminisce upon from the rest of the year? I am really doing myself and my family a disservice.

I’m sure a blog post is coming in the near future that details how stressed I am.  Not having time for activities with my kids. Or, how a perfectly curated day was ruined. Because…mom life. But, I’m still going to try. I’m still going to plan to bake cookies in April and go out on the town in September. So, here’s to year-round intentional memory making…and lot of wine. Because…mom life!

What are some of your non-holiday family activities/traditions.  I’d love some recommendations!

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