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Life of a Mom, Life of Leigh / Thursday, May 10th, 2018


How could I not love the woman that is responsible for giving my husband to the world?  She often tells me “she’s sorry” because he’s just like her (HA!).  But then thanks me with her next breath for taking him off her hands.  She’s right, the are both alike.  They both love hard and expect nothing less from those around them.  We share a love for a good deal.  You will probably catch us in a Home Goods, Ross, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx or even a furniture store!  You can visit her on Monday and by Friday the house will look totally different!  She is always rearranging and beautifying her home.

My boys love their Mi-Mi.  She does what any red-blooded grandmother does.  She spoils them!  All her grandchildren hold a special place in her heart.  Her eyes literally light up when they are around.  She’s been brave enough to take them to movies and I have yet to even attempt!



My boys are blessed to have three grandmothers.  There’s my mom, my husband’s mom and Ya-Ya.  Ya-Ya is my stepmom.  She came up with her “grandma name” and boy do they use it!  Whenever Rian, my youngest, is upset or in trouble his go-to line is “I want Ya-Ya”.  We used to go through this every night at bedtime because he didn’t want to go.  That’s because Rian can bat those beautiful long lashes at Ya-Ya and she’s DONE!  I’m just saying what she’s admitted to herself!

It’s not easy marrying a man who already has 5 kids and an outspoken family.  But she’s still here yall!  Being a wife and mom opens your eyes and broadens your understanding of being a woman.  There are situations I witnessed and lived through but have a whole different take on.  My hat’s off to Ya-Ya.  She a real one!  Her strength, consideration and thoughtfulness is to be celebrated.  We will text and chat for days and without my daddy.  He will eventually call and say “Ummm, hello daughter”.  Don’t get it twisted, Ya-Ya is an army vet from B-More!  She can get with you if need be.  I wouldn’t try no funny stuff with her family, cause she will take it there!

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  1. It started with you, Cynthia. I always say, “I AM just the BLESSED ONE”. “What an amazing daughter”, were the very first words I uttered when you and I first met. Those words still ring true! She hasn’t stopped amazing me since day ONE❤

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