Mothers I Love – My Aunts

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My Auntie PhyLlis is my mom’s oldest sister.  She is the nurturer.  All my summers growing up were spent at my aunt’s house in Texas.  She had all the girls to herself.  Now that I’m a mom, I know she is a Saint!  We weren’t bad and we never did anything to disrespect her house.  But it was 4 girls in her house ALL summer!  My aunt has the patience of Job.  She works in the education field and her worlds would overlap.  She came home saying things like “Are you defying me?”.  To this day that cracks me up!  She also had mandatory family time.  We were required to meet in the garage at 6pm every night and play a game together.  This usually ended early with my cousin stomping off declaring how much she hated scrabble and how dumb game time was.  So, we just sat there…and talked.  The actual time spent may have not been what my aunt planned, but the end result was the same.  The seed was sown.  She showed us early on that we must take time to actually be in each other’s company.  Mind you this was a pre cell-phone and tablet world.  So, when cell phones and tablets became a thing we were already conditioned to have uninterrupted family time. 


Next up is Auntie Jackie.  She is the giver.  My aunt would literally give the shirt off of her back to anybody!  She inherited the “adoption” trait from my grandmother.  Every year we inherit an extra family member that my Aunt has brought into the fold.  She has a heart of gold!  Again, now that I am a mother, my eyes are wide open to how much she spoils children.  As a child I thought it was cool that Auntie Jackie would give you anything.  And not just material things.  I’m talking food too!  It’s almost dinner time?  Ok, here’s a bag of chips!  You just got out of school?  Ok, here’s a #2 from McDonald’s!  Yes, she is the coolest!  Now, she’s the cool great-aunt.  Whenever Auntie Jackie is around my boys already know.  IT’S. ABOUT. TO. GO. DOWN. Her first question is “What do you want from the store?”.  And the great-nieces and great-nephews in Texas get packages on the regular.  Over the years her giving has gotten high-tech.  She is the Amazon queen!  The delivery may be different but the spirit it’s given in is the same.


My mom’s baby sister is Auntie Gail.  She’s the aunt that will be on your side!  Being the baby has by nature made her the care-free aunt.  We usually share the same opinion and she will support you unapologetically.  She is the cool aunt I get my hair done with and chat it up with the whole time.  To my boys she is Ti-Ti.  But they know Ti-Ti don’t play.  To her granddaughter she is Gi-Gi. (My family knows how to give some names) Can I just say it is crazy that my aunt is a grandmother?!  I mean, really it is.  But she does it in style.  She’s the grandma that buys matching dresses for her and her granddaughter to wear to church.  If they are together they are coordinating nine out of ten times. 


My dad’s baby sister is my Auntie Crys.  First, let me say I cannot remember one time I have EVER see my auntie without her hair done!  My auntie stays put together.  It’s actually a disservice that I’m typing writing this about her as I sit in Starbucks with a t-shirt and hat with my hair in a ponytail.  But they match!  I digress…

Auntie Crys is not like her brothers, she only had one child.  And she spoiled my cousin like the only child he is!  She really just has it in her nature.  For some reason all my childhood memories involve food.  But I remember when we were little we would get pizza on the weekends when she picked us up from daycare.  We didn’t like the same pizza.  What does my aunt do?  Buy us both our own pizza so we could have what we wanted.  As a mom, this makes no sense.  You will eat what I buy!  But that’s not her. I She is willing to do whatever to make those around her happy.  Now my cousin has one son, Bo, and the spoiling continues.  She LIVES for her boys!  If Bo even looks like he wants something, it’s his.

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3 Replies to “Mothers I Love – My Aunts”

  1. This is definitely To the T for Jackie Gail & Phyllis!!!! This is so AMAZING!
    Keep them coming. It’s such an honor to acknowledge each of them as they truly are instrumental in who we all are today. Awwwwww Aunties Rock!!!

  2. Very well written! Engaging, humorous, and filled with love and admiration at the same time. Where were you during story time when I was growing up? Oh, that’s right~~you weren’t here yet. I’m estatic that you are now though, and I enjoy being more and more amazed by you.

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