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Life of a Mom, Life of Leigh / Monday, May 7th, 2018

When People celebrate their birthdays for an entire month we all know it’s just an excuse to party for an extended period of time.  Why can’t other holidays be the same?  This year I’m celebrating Mother’s day for an entire week.  Each day I will be honoring mothers in my family.  You will learn about the mothers I know, love and have made me the mother I am today.

When I decided to do this series I questioned my sanity.  Why in the world would I include cousins?  It’s honestly just way too many.  (Really, you have no idea)  So, in the interest of your reading time and my writing time, I will introduce you to only my first cousin moms.  Here we go…


Growing up my cousins were like my other sisters!  We didn’t all live in the same city.  But when we were all together we did EVERYTHING together.  I mean everything.  Me and Steph dressed alike, and people thought we were twins.  True story!  I used to (lovingly) laugh at her about how her girls food for dinner didn’t go together.  Or, how she shook out their clothes, held them up and said “they don’t need ironing”.  Now, as a mom, I get it!  My kids hardly ever eat what we eat.  And, for quick trips on the weekend, me and the iron are not always friends.  I didn’t know it then but I realize now she was the first one to show me that you shouldn’t take yourself so seriously as a mom.  Let’s be clear, she is Betty Crocker!  She can craft her butt off and whip up a meal like nobody’s business.  But she gives herself grace to not be Betty Crocker all of the time and just be Steph.


Keisha, my motherhood journey partner!  Our boys are only a month apart.  We may be in separate states but we have walked mhand in hand through every stage.  We share all of the ups and especially the downs.  This isn’t our first time being paired up for a common cause.  During summer breaks Me and Keisha were assigned “kitchen buddies” during the summer.  My aunt paired us up to clean the ktichen, this was a real thing.  She is a single mother who rocks it!  I admire her strength.  How she unapologetically raises her son exactly how SHE sees fit!  Her pregnancy was rough and left her with the promise that she will never do it again!  I am overjoyed that she did go through it at least once.  At one point she didn’t thin she would have children.  To see that dream come true was amazing.  Not to mention I have a first hand view of watching her flex a muscle that gives me the inspiration to press on.


Can I just say my cousin Renada bakes her own bread…from scratch!  If you’re not impressed with her already there is something wrong with you!  Not only does she serve her family, she also serves our country as a military spouse.  She has two adorable kids that call her mommy.  My hats go off to stay at home moms, and she is one of them is definitely one I admire.  We’ve come a long way from birthday shenanigans to mom-life war stories.  Talk about evolution.


Ramiya was my first cousin to become a mom.  I remember like it was yesterday how little her belly was.  She looked like somebody on TV pretending to be pregnant with a ball under their shirt.  Four kids later, she is still little!  She is raising the most amazing children.  They are smart, athletic AND cute!  She’s that pregnant lady with a weird pregnancy obsession.  If you ever see her just ask her how much she spent on hand sanitizer.  Or, baby powder.  Let me know what she says!


To make a VERY long story short, I didn’t grow up with my cousin Kesha.  But, it feels like she’s always been around.  As the oldest of the clan (we really are a clan, there’s a ton of us) she sets a great example for the rest of us.  She’s kind, welcoming, loving and just an all around good person.  Her children are the sweetest kids to be around.  They are  polite and have great manners.  The kind of kids that make you say “I wish my kids were like that”.  I may not have the childhood memories with her to share, but I look forward to creating many more in the years to come.  Although, she did help my husband clown me one time…we may have to have a conversation about loyalty! 

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  1. This was sooooo enjoyable to read. Such great stories as the light shined inside each moms life. There’s no Blueprint… We all learn from each other and make it fun and memorable in the process. 😍

  2. Omg this is amazing. Thank you so much. I was in tears reading. Yes we did the pregnancy thing together and call each other with questions (almost everyday)! Can’t wait until all of our kids get a little older and closer like we all were and play scrabble!! 😚 and you also are an amazing mommy!!

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