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Life of a Mom, Life of Leigh / Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

When I think about my grandmothers one word comes to mind: BLESSED!  I am truly blessed to have both of my grandmothers alive and well.  They are both amazing and almost the opposite of the other.  But they have one thing in the common, they are loyal.  Loyal beyond words!  Their love for their families provided a blue print for the generations that come after them.  With over 50 years of marriage each, I grew up with near perfect examples of what a successful marriage looks like.  My grandmothers are nothing short of amazing.  Here’s why: 



Grandma Evelyn is my mom’s mother.  She makes the BEST pot roast, dressing and greens.  Seriously, the best!  My grandma cooked errey-day.  And don’t think there wouldn’t be a pot of rice on the stove.  She was the grandma whose dinner was already done before you even left the house for church.  She raised four girls and kept a happy home.  When I was in school and my grandparents came for weekend visits, my grandma always offered to iron my school clothes for the week.  Because, what else do grandma’s do in their spare time? 

I have never been a morning person.  My grandma, on the other hand, rises with the chickens.  After college, when I had to be a real adult, my grandma would call me every morning to make sure I got up.  I used to think I was the only one that got this special treatment.  Nope, she called everybody!  We all just had different call times.  Her love is limitless.  It stretched far beyond our little family.  After she retired she became a “foster grandparent” for a local elementary school.  Throughout those years our family adopted a few kids for Christmas and random weekends.  Not once did I ever think it was odd or abnormal to do for others.  She is the ultimate missionary.

To this day my grandma is STILL caring for everyone around her.  Recently my grandfather has been in the hospital a few times and just not his old self.  My grandma has been right by his side.  For sickness and in health.  If he stays in the hospital, she stays in the hospital.  If he needs something, she’s getting it.  Yes, the rest of us are right there to lend a helping hand.  But she’s his wife, no one can do it better.

Recently I was at her house and asked her to go out to breakfast before going to visit my grandfather in the rehab center.  She gave me all the “reasons” she couldn’t go.  Then said to me “Once you’ve been married 50 years you’ll understand”.  Has anyone else been read by their grandma?  That day, I was. 



No one has a grandma like my grandma Joyce!  She is a spitfire, no nonsense, call it like she sees it alpha female.  Her best dishes?  Dressing, spaghetti and cornbread.  Eating grandma’s cornbread is like having a slice of cake.  Although she may have a tough outer shell, she’s really a softy inside.  She just shows it in a different way.  The person who really had her heart was my granddaddy.  My grandmother loved my granddaddy for better or for worse and through his entire sickness.  My grandfather suffered from dementia until the day he passed 2 years ago.  Her care for him day in and day out was true service.  When his health started to deteriorate I once suggested she get someone to help.  She wasn’t having it!  He was her husband, and no one could take care of him like she did.  And that’s exactly what she did.  She did not leave his side.  The only reason she went to my cousin’s wedding is because my dad stayed home with granddaddy.  After the ceremony my grandma was back home with her husband.  There aren’t enough words to capture her love and dedication to her husband.  But words aren’t necessary.  She provided a living example to her family of how we should treat our loved ones.  She didn’t just tell me how to be a wife, she showed me.

Now let’s be clear, she uses her words for lessons too!  My grandma is the originator of one-liners.  She could sit on the couch of any reality reunion show and hang with the best of them!  Don’t ask a question you don’t really want the answer to, because you will get it!  Sometimes, even if you didn’t ask, you might still get it.   And I cherish each and every gem she has dropped.

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3 Replies to “Mothers I Love – My Grandmothers”

  1. Simply beautiful and well written. If your followers didn’t know what truly BLESSED is, they know it now. No wonder you such an amazing person. How could you help not to be? From before the craddle and now, you’re surrounded by amazing women❤

  2. It’s so great that you recognize how you have been blessed to have them in your life. More people should cherish their grandparents.

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