Must Have Super Bowl Snacks

Life of Leigh / Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

My grandmother calls me every Sunday to ask what I’ve cooked for dinner. My grandmother is a very traditional southern woman. If your Sunday dinner doesn’t include rice or cornbread…is it even dinner? Well there is one Sunday she will be very disappointed in my menu.  Super Bowl Sunday.

We have snacks for dinner on Super Bowl Sunday.

We don’t have family or friends over.  Nor do we go to a friend’s house for the festivities.  My husband likes to enjoy games in the comfort of our home.  So, we stay in.  But, it’s the Super Bowl.  It just doesn’t feel right if there is not some type of dip to be had.  These are some of my favorite Super Bowl snacks to have.  (The links take you straight to recipes.  You’re welcome!)


  1. Wings

I mean, is it even Superbowl Sunday if a chicken hasn’t sacrificed it’s wings?


  1. Baked Turkey Sliders

This is by far my FAVORITE! After I made these for the first time a couple years ago they made their way into my recipe list for my weekly meal plans. The way that butter and brown sugar coat the top of those buns. Listen, you just need to taste it for yourself. For an extra boost of flavor, use Hawaiian rolls. You’ll thank me later!


  1. Crock Pot Queso

Didn’t I say there has to be some type of dip on the menu! What better way to have homemade queso than in the crockpot where you can set it and forget it! With just 3 ingredients a pot full of restaurant style queso will be ready to serve for your guests (or just your family if you’re like us!)


  1. Guacamole

Do I even need to say anything?! Here are few good recipes.


  1. Deviled Eggs

I have loved these since I can remember loving food. Which is basically my whole life. I even have serving dishes made specifically for deviled eggs that my mom bought me.   (Confession: I have an obsession with kitchen gadgets). But, now there are so many fancy ways to make them. Other than the traditional way I grew up on. None of them can be a bad idea.


  1. 7-Layer Salad

If you’re entertaining, you should have options for everyone. Vegetarians, vegans, etc. This salad is a tasty way to please everyone. There are many variations of this salad. Just make a version that doesn’t include meat, cheese, etc.


  1. Baked potato bar

This is one I haven’t tried but can’t wait to. This is another great option to have to please everyone’s dietary restrictions. And who doesn’t love a potato?


  1. Taco Bar

Another way to make sure that everyone can partake, no matter what their food preferences are. Just make sure you have enough veggies included in the bar and meatless proteins such as beans. For an even easier setup, make the proteins in your crockpot!


  1. Hot Dog Bar

From classic to Chicago style, the possibilities are endless with a hot dog bar. Everyone can eat as they please. If I wasn’t the only adventurous one in my house, I’d be doing this myself this year. The way these boys of mine are setup, there would be nothing but ketchup and mustard on our bar!


  1. Popcorn

Our family loves popcorn so much I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to this snack. Popcorn is one of those things that is just nice to have around that people can’t resist. So, especially if you are having a crowd over, having popcorn readily available to grab is an inexpensive way to keep the crowd happy. A bag of popping corn costs next to nothing. Have a selection of seasonings to use. Viola!


super bowl snacks
super bowl snacks
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  1. Everything looks yummy except the guacamole. I’m thinking about having a taco bar and including chicken in it. I also like to be at home

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