My Self Care Routine

Life of Leigh / Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

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In my recent quest to no longer be “that friend” (Read about how I came to that realization here) I have implemented a self-care routine.  Here is my typical Sunday:

1.  Turn On The Crockpot

This may seem weird to have cooking as the beginning of my self-care routine. But, I might argue that it’s the most important.  Preparing a meal for a family of four takes time (especially when 3 of the 4 are males!). Without proper preparation I could spend a lot of my Sunday evening in the kitchen and not with my family or preparing for the week.  Crockpot meals free up so much time to do those things and more.  Click here for some of my favorite crockpot meals.

2.  Alone Time Away From The House

After I make sure that my kids are fed, I leave.  There is usually a 5-minute conversation about where I’m going, why I’m going alone, if it’s only for girls and soon.  And, by conversation I mean my kids are asking me a million questions as I’m trying to escape.  The pleasure I have by seeing that garage door go down knowing I am in the car by myself is indescribable.  My destination is usually either a Starbucks or Target.  My choice depends on if I want to get work done or if I want to lie to myself and say I’m just going to walk around.  My last “walk around” trip cost me over $100!

3.  Buy Something For Myself

Spoiler alert.  This is usually food.  While I’m out alone, I eat.  Moms, you know this is a rare occasion.  Whether I have a full plate of food or a bottle of water, my kids want some!  So, I take full advantage of being able to eat and drink uninterrupted.  One Sunday I went to the Steak and Shake after my Target trip.  I pulled into a parking spot and had the best burger of my life!  Tip: Get a vanilla milkshake with hot fudge.  Life. Changing.

4.  Take A Bath

A real bath.  In the bathtub.  Taking the time to actually sit, soak andluxuriate in the bathtub is the definition of self-care for me.  Everyone should make room for quiet time.  On Sunday evenings, this is when I havemine.  However, there are some days whenI take this time to listen to a podcast or watch a tv show in peace.

5.  Face Mask

This is a newer one for me.  Within the past few months I started using face masks and it has been a game changer. After relaxing in the bath laying back with a sheet mask is the icing on the cake.   If you’re late to the party like me, get with it!  Here are a few that I like:

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11 Replies to “My Self Care Routine”

  1. I never realized how much I needed a couple minutes (OK, hours) for ME-TIME, until earlier this year. My husband and I have tried to make it a more regular thing and don’t resent each other for it. We know it makes us better parents, better spouses, and basically better humans!

  2. There are some magical healing powers in a nice hot shower or bath. Being able to be by myself and just relax is on of my favorite things. These are all great ideas, thanks for posting!

  3. Face masks are the perfect way for me to practice self care! It’s so hard for me to find time to get away so I make sure I do a face mask at least twice a week

  4. I am ALL for this post. Now that I am a mom, I find that I never take time for myself. Something as simple as putting on a 10-20min face mask can really change a mood. Thanks so much, I really need to read this!

  5. The crock pot and I are great friends during the colder months. I love how I can have dinner ready without the scramble in the late afternoon. These days I usually settle on a shower for my self care. I need to start taking more baths again. Thanks for the tips!

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