Story Time: I Was “That Mom”

Life of a Mom / Monday, April 30th, 2018

 Confession: I was “THAT MOM”!

One day after work me and my boys went to dinner with my mom.  We landed on Panera because the boys really like their mac-n-cheese.  While they weren’t the best behaved in Panera, they weren’t terrible either.  They were just…loud.  I’m pretty sure they have no inside voice.  Or they just always leave them at school with their “helping hands, walking feet and listening ears”.  (Shout out to the teachers for coming up with those nifty songs to get kids to do what they are supposed to do!)  I digress…

 Panera didn’t upset me, just annoyed me.  It’s what came next that sent me OVER.

 Picture day was coming up.  How perfect that there was a Carter’s in the same plaza.  “I’ll just go in real quick and find some coordinating shirts”, I said to myself.  If only it were that easy.  My children cut up.  Not the normal grabbing at everything and not being still cut up.  Oh, no!  They put on a much bigger performance than that.

My oldest wanted to be with whoever he was not with at the time.  Holding my hand, “I want G-Ma”.  Holding G-Ma’s hand, “I want to go with my mommy”.  All so he could run back and forth in the store.  So what is his little brother doing?  Also running around the store.  Then, at one point, the little one breaks out in a sprint towards the front door.  Laughing the whole way because obviously this is a joke.  At this point, I’m the joke.  It hit me…


“OMG, I’m ‘THAT’ mom!


I’m that mom whose children are not under control.  I’m that mom that women with no children look at in judgement and say “I would never…” or “When I have kids…”.

Eventually, my mom and I get both kids back with us and (somewhat) in order.  But that baby boy just couldn’t be good for too long.  He attempts to run off again.  My mom catches him (thank God) and then he pulled another signature kid move.  He goes limp.  He started the process of falling out on the floor.  That’s when my mom took both of them out of the store. He did not go quietly into the night.  He hollered and cried all the way to the door.  It wasn’t a long way.  But, in the moment, it felt like he was walking the green mile. 

I finally get in line and I’m all over the place.  Feathers all ruffled by the shenanigans.  As the nice lady ringing me up went to the back to find me a pair of shorts in the right size, the lady behind me just patiently waited with a smile.  She was clearly a grandmother that was ELATED she was past this stage.  She looked at me and said “It’s such a joy, Isn’t it?”.  All I could say…LOADS!

Lady, this is not a joy!  I am not feeling one ounce of joy in my heart!

My faithfulness of getting my kids in bed by 8pm was backfiring on me.  These boys bodies are trained to shut down at the very moment I had them out and about, in public nonetheless!  Clearly not only were their actions questionable, my decision-making skills are horrible!  

Spoiler alert: this story doesn’t have a happy ending.  Just in case you were waiting for it.

We went on to another store (again, decision-making skills in question) where they were just as loud and annoying.  I took them home and FINALLY to bed.

We have all been “that mom” at some point in this motherhood journey.  On that night, it was my turn.  If you ever look up and realize you are “that mom”…it’s ok!  It’s not a joy.  It’s not fun.  It’s not cute.  It is life!  This life is not for the faintest of heart.  There will be times when it’s not easy.  When you wish you could walk away and say “Whose kids are those?”  Then magically come home to your kids safe and sound.  But that would be child endangerment. Which is NOT cool by the way.  And totally illegal.  So stand tall, hold your head up high and own it.  You will be “that mom”.  There will be ups and melt downs.  Just know that (cue the MJ song) you are not alone!


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3 Replies to “Story Time: I Was “That Mom””

  1. LOL I remember someone sending me a text about rain. To paraphrase, even though it’s a rainy day instead of a sunny day, it’s all good. The rain helps the harvest.

  2. Such an awesome orchestration of “momhood”. Isn’t it amazing how our kids demonstrate their uniqueness and individualism at such early ages? It took me to go through this phase to realize that no matter how “good” of a parent you are, kids will express their individuality—and will do so, when it’s the least convenient for us. This really made me lol. Thanks to you and your Mom for being, “That Mom.”

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