Time Saving Tips For Working Moms

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It’s 5:30am and my alarm just went off.  I don’t get home until 6pm every evening which gives me 2 hours to have dinner on the table, help with homework and give baths before bedtime.  Then, I will only have 2 hours until the boys bedtime. I’ve talked about our bedtime schedule and we’ve got that down!  But, after bedtime there’s cleaning the kitchen, making lunches and whatever other mundane house chores are on my list.  Being a working mom is hard.

It’s a lot!

I hate it when people say “Beyoncé has the same 24 hours'”.  Beyonce also has a whole bunch of zeros that afford her luxuries I do not have.  So, sans the nanny, chef, assistant and cleaning crew, I have been on a mission to figure out how to make the most of my day.  I don’t have all those zeros so it’s up to me to figure out how to maximize the time I do have.  Here are a few time saving tips I’ve learned along the way.

  1. Planning

Sundays are for planning.  This is how I get my week together.  Being organized and thoughtful about how I spend my time is essential to a productive week.  Knowing what I need to do and planning when I do it is how I truly maximize my time.  I plan everything from doing laundry to making phone calls.  Seeing my whole week at one time allows me to plan tasks for days when I have the best opportunity to compete them.  Last year I used The Happy Planner.  You can get one here.  This year I’m tryin the Layered Living Planner and I LOVE IT!  Go check them out at www.herspaceco.com.


  1. Laundry Sorter

This has been a game changer for me.  Growing up it was just me and my mom in the house.  So, it is still crazy to me how much laundry a family of four creates.  Just looking at the pile gives me anxiety.  It takes me forever to separate the laundry and then I go to the boys room to do it all over again with their dirty clothes.  A light bulb went on and I decided to get a laundry sorter.  My life will never be the same.   I’ve taught my family how to put their dirty clothes in the new sorters and my boys have caught on quickly.  Now, I simply go to the laundry room and wash whatever load is the biggest!  No more wasting 30 plus minutes on separating loads just to put back the ones I don’t have time to get to.  GAME. CHANGED.  (Click here to get you one!)


  1. Start Crockpot at Night

This one took me about 2 weeks to figure out.  At the beginning of the year I started a new job.  It has been an amazing!  But the commute, not so much.  I’m getting home later with less time for our nighttime routine.  Dinner was a struggle.  I searched my Crockpot Pinterest board and took to the grocery store.  I prepped the meals at night and put my dinner on in the morning…most times.  I struggle in the morning yall.  So a couple mornings I’ve had to chose between putting dinner on or being on time.  I chose to be on time.  While it was a great idea, my execution was not.  I had to do something different.  This is when my next light bulb went on.  Start dinner at night!  Just chopping onions and potatoes at night was not cutting it.  I wake up knowing my dinner is done.  Mine is also programmable and automatically shifts to warm when the cooking time is over. (Here is a similar one that is very affordable)  I have not a care in the world and skip out the door headed to work.  Ok, I’m not really skipping out the door.  More like running and yelling at kids.  But again, time saved!


  1. Getting Clothes At Night

If I have to pick out our outfits in the morning it’s a wrap!  So, I decide what we will wear the night before.  If I was really on top of my game I would iron them at night too…He ain’t through with me yet.  But taking the time to lay out our clothes at night saves me more time in the morning.


  1. Walmart Grocery Pick Up

I saved the best for last.  I have only used this service once.  But when I tell you I was pleased!  They have a friend in me! (Shout out to Toy Story)  The thing is, I actually like to grocery shop.  It is one of the rare opportunities I get to go somewhere alone and not have to talk to anyone.  I put in my earbuds and listen to music or a great podcast.  Strolling through aisles laughing by myself, a great time!  But, there are those weeks when I don’t have time to go to the grocery store.  Last week was one of those weeks.  I gave the Walmart grocery app a try and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.  Ok, maybe not ever..but, it’s up there!  The app is super user friendly.  I grocery shopped on my phone during my lunch break ad picked them up on the way home.  If that’s not a working mommy win I don’t know what is!


What tips and tricks do you have  to maximize your 24 hours?


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