Traffic Secrets: 30 Days To Success

Life of Leigh / Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

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I’ve been on this blogging journey for a while. But, it has not been an easy one. My desire to have my vision come to life has given me the motivation to keep going. My biggest challenge hasn’t been creating content. That comes easy to me. I’m always taking notes and making lists in my phone as ideas come to me. As I’m inspired by real life experiences. My biggest challenge has been getting other people (besides my family and friends) to read my blog posts. I was like most bloggers and thought if I write it, they will come. That couldn’t be further from the truth. I had to learn how to get people to find my blog.


I did a little research, tried to get some traffic. And I was somewhat successful. But, still not hitting the numbers I wanted to. Then, I discovered a book that helped me with the secrets to get the extra push I needed.

In his new book Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers, Russel Brunson provided the answers to the questions I had on how to grow my audience. His foundational direct marketing techniques are on point and are relevant to any business. Even the business of blogging. His strategies will have your analytics spiking. Your dream customers will come.

I participated in a 30 day challenge and have seen consistent traffic to my blog. Before I would have days of zero visitors. Not anymore. By implementing the lessons learned from Traffic Secrets I am well on my way to meeting my goals. The key for has been really leaning into my audience. Who is my “dream customer?” What do they like to do? Where do they hang out online? What problem do they need solved? Once I did the work and really understood who that person was it was so much easier to create valuable content my dream customer would enjoy.  And, I discovered where to promote it so they could actually find it.

It led me to creating my first freebie for email subscribers and finding new groups online to engage with.

Another key takeaway for me was the use of social media.  Before reading Traffic Secrets I was on social media as a consumer who happened to also create content from time to time.  That approach was WRONG.  I learned that I need to treat my social media accounts as a tool for my business.  Every like, comment, etc. plays a part in my overall strategy.  The social media audit in Traffic Secrets was eye opening.


During this time of uncertainty and increase in time spent in the house, I have, like millions others, tried to use this time to work towards goals a little more aggressively.  Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers has helped me do just that!  I definitely recommend it for anyone that is serious about growing their business!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Russell Brunson.

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  1. Wow, I am a new blogger and I am super grateful for your suggestions on getting traffic. I will definitely have to check these sources out – thank you so much for sharing!

  2. As a new blogger this is very interesting to me. Like many others, I struggle with bringing in more traffic. I will definitely look into this book more closely.

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