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Life of a Mom / Sunday, March 10th, 2019

The way my life is setup, the only time I can shop for groceries is on the weekends.  So, God forbid I have a busy weekend.  There have been many nights I think I can squeeze in a trip to the grocery store on a Monday night.  Do I even need to list all the things that is wrong with this?  I decided to join the 21st century and order my groceries online.  In my previous post on time saving tips for working moms I mentioned how useful the Walmart Grocery Pick-Up service was.  LISTEN!  My life has been forever changed.  I had such an amazing experience.  I immediately knew this would be my go to app.  Here is why.


  1. Customer Service

That’s right.  No need to wipe off your glasses.  I said it.  I received EXCELLENT customer service during my visit to Walmart.  The associate came to my car, reviewed my order, asked if I had any questions and proceeded to load my groceries in the car.  Then, when my boys were being super chatty, she indulged them.  She spoke back and didn’t pretend she didn’t hear them talking to her.  Class act!


  1. Substitutions

On the app you can select if you want to receive substitutions or not.  Do it!  If you don’t like the substitutions, you can always reject them at pick up and get refunded.  However, I doubt you will.  I ordered a 3 pack of paper towels.  They were out of stock and substituted it for the 8 pack for the price of the 3 pack.  Same thing with pull-ups.  They were out of stock of the small pack I ordered.  So, I go the jumbo box for…you guessed it…the price of the smaller pack.  I meeeaaannn…come on!


  1. User Friendly

The app is super user friendly.  You simply search for an item and add it to your cart.  That’s it.  There are clear pictures and descriptions of every item.  So, there is no confusion with what you are ordering.  Also, you can continue to add items to your list until the night before your pick-up.  So, if the pick-up time slot I want is available, I start my order.  Even if I don’t have my list ready.  I just add the staple items to my cart.   Once I’m organized, I add the additional items.  Ever get home and realized you missed something?  Not anymore!  Just keep adding to your cart.


  1. Makes me stay on budget

If you’re like me, a trip to the grocery store usually results in buying things you don’t really need or never intended on getting.  Shopping from your phone eliminates that all together.  Nothing catches your eye.  You’re not walking down an aisle to “see what they have”.    You are ordering groceries and that’s it!  Your seatbelt never comes off.  Think of how much your budget will thank you!  And…it’s free!  Unlike the grocery delivery options, Walmart grocery pickup doesn’t cost you a thing!


  1. Saves time

Cutting my grocery shopping trip from hours to minutes provides me the opportunity to do…whatever I want!  I typically use my grocery trips as an opportunity to have some alone time.  Now,  I have the option to use that time in another way.  If you’re a working mom like me, you know it is priceless to find a way to create free time.  You’re welcome.


Click here to check it out for yourself and place your order.  (HINT: You might want to do a search for a discount code.  There is usually one out there for first time users.)

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