What have you done for yourself lately?

Life of Leigh / Thursday, April 12th, 2018

I did something on a Wednesday evening that I’ve never done before.  I got a pedicure!

I sat in that chair, rolled the bottom of my pants up and placed my feet in the hot bubbling water.  I turned the massager on and the chair went to work.  Those rollers came up the middle of my back right up to neck.  The owner brought me a nice cool drink and that was it.  I was set.  Ready for my unexpected mid-week relaxation.

It’s a weekday.  I should be doing laundry.  Right?

This may seem like something trivial to some.  For others like me whose evenings are dedicated to preparing dinner, doing homework, bath time, story time, wife time, work…This is a big deal!

Plot twist: this was all my husband’s idea!  He told me to get the boys home from daycare then go “do my thing”.  I mentioned to him earlier that I really needed to get my eyebrows done but didn’t know when I would have the time.  So, he made it happen.  After my night of leisure I came home to two boys bathed and ready to go to bed.  All I had to do was walk in the door and tuck them in for the night.  Then, my husband and I ate and watched Survivor cuddled up on the couch.  What a man!  What a night!

Self-care is such a buzz word these days.  But what exactly is self-care?  I think everyone has their own definition of what self-care is for them, and they should.  You should know what keeps you in your happy place.  What keeps you away from the sunken place.  Especially us working moms.  We give so much of ourselves to everyone and everything else.  While having a career and a family can be fulfilling…there is more.  It has been said time and time again that a woman cannot giver her all to her family if she is not giving her all to herself.   The reality is, my husband should not have had to push me out of the door on a Wednesday.  It’s a weekday.  I should be doing laundry, right?  Not! 

It’s okay to get a pedicure on a school night!  It is ok to deviate from the norm for my sanity.

Maybe a pedicure is not your cup of tea.  Maybe actually getting a cup of tea in a quaint little café is.  Whatever makes you happy, do it!  Find the time to take care of yourself.  Spend time with yourself.  You will thank yourself later.

What have you done for yourself lately?  What will you do for yourself?

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