Why I Love Hallmark Movies

Life of Leigh / Sunday, January 13th, 2019

Christmas started in October for me.  Because…Hallmark.  I was already hooked on Hallmark movies.  Then, they started the Christmas marathon and it was a wrap!  (Pun intended) Secret princes, small town bakers, widowed fathers and single business women all fell in love under the mistletoe.  That one sentence sums up every movie.  Now, there are winter movies.  I can’t get enough yall! 

My husband asks me why I continue to watch these movies.  Every plot is basically the same with the same ending.  The very thing that makes him question why I would watch is the reason why I tune in every night.

I know how it ends.  I like happy endings.

When I finish watching the movie someone would have found true love.  A child will get the parent they’ve been longing for.  A group of friends will pull together and save their small town.  Or, a small-town girl will become a princess all while modernizing a country once bound by tradition. 

I am not naïve enough to think that my days will play out like a Hallmark movie.  In fact, my husband often reminds me of this.  To not expect him to be the corny guys from the movies.

And that’s fine, I don’t expect it.  But what I do expect is to be in a good mood.  What I decide to consume reveals how I chose to live my life.  I chose happy endings. 

Real life is hard enough.  There’s no need to watch something for “fun” that reminds you how cruel the world can be.  I get my dose of someone being robbed, kidnapped and shot by watching the news!   

I recently listened to Nicole Waters’ podcast and she said, “You are a product of what you consume.”  Consuming the corny lines and cliché storylines produces a happy, calm and loving mama and wife.  We are often told to take social media breaks. Put our phones and laptops down.  Take mental breaks from the noise of the world.  What we choose to consume once the break is over is just as important as the break itself.  It may not be Hallmark movies for you (your loss) but you should find something.  Find something that, when you do decide to consume entertainment, puts you in your happy place.   You can find me in my happy place on any given Saturday at 8pm when the Hallmark movie of the week premieres.

What’s your happy place?

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  1. I’m also a member of the Hallmark movie fan club. This year the Christmas movies were even better. My favorite Christmas movie has always been “It’s A Wonderful Life”, so I guess I was just waiting on Hallmark.

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