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Life of a Professional / Wednesday, April 4th, 2018

I recently had to travel for work.  It was a good trip that ended with a horrible travel story on my way back home. (Check out my Instagram for details)  I left on a Monday and came back on a Thursday.  I know, that’s a long time.  It made me think back to 2 years ago when I traveled a lot more frequently.  Back then I wrote a blog about my travels.  I wrote this before I even started my blog.  If you’ve read my “About Me” then you know I have wanted to start my blog for the past 2 years.  I’m just now getting the guts to do it!  So, even though this was written some time ago it is still relevant today.  So here it is, my first “real” blog post.  Enjoy!


Hi, Winter.  It’s not so nice to meet you.

As I sat in my hotel room praying that my flight was not canceled for the third time I thought “So this is what northerners endure every year!”

My family just relocated to the North and we are experiencing our first real winter.  Back home in Florida if the temperature dropped below 60 jackets came out.  I would kill for 60 degrees right now!

I had to come back to Florida for work while the biggest storm of the season was brewing back home.  So there I was “stuck” in beautiful weather for 2 days. 


No husband. 


No 2 year old running around. 


No housework.


There is always the guilt that comes along with being a working wife and mom.  Add traveling to the equation and there is a whole new level of guilt that I can’t explain.  (Did I mention I had to travel for work the previous week too?!).

So how can I feel less guilty about two days away from my family.  What should I do with all of this extra uninterrupted time?  Here’s what I came up with:


I’ll be honest.  I struggle with being consistent in staying in the word every day.  Without the distractions of everyday life there is no excuse!  Reading, studying and meditating on God’s word keeps me focused.  My purpose is always confirmed.  And when I’m away from my family I find comfort in God’s message to me.  I make it a point to pack my bible when I travel.  Yes, there’s the bible app on my iPad.  But I’m “old fashioned” in some ways.  I like to read real books and I like to read my real bible.  It’s something about opening my suitcase and seeing my bible there.



Living in the north during the winter has made me super lazy with keeping my pedicure game up.  Seriously, who wants to get a pedicure and then walk to the car with flip flops on in freezing temperatures?!  Not I said the cat!  I kept saying I was going to do it myself and that never happened.  I have a husband to keep happy!  So, when I return home he will be welcoming a well-groomed wife back home.



My mom always said that when she became a parent she never got to eat a plate of food by herself anymore.  She was right!  My son will not eat the food on his plate in anticipation that whatever is on my plate will be better.  And, even though my plate has the exact same thing on it, it must be better.  He eats it.  So when I have the chance I eat whatever I want in peace!  And, if it’s not healthy so be it!


4.  SLEEP 

No need for any explanation here!  Uninterrupted sleep is a luxury.  Do I miss laying next to my husband? Yes!  And I may not sleep as well as I do at home.  However, I don’t wake up to a toddler’s foot in my neck.  And, this time, I don’t have to wake up as early to drive to work. My hotel room was my office!  So I slept in, got up and worked on my laptop while under the covers!



Can’t live with them, can’t live without them!  I have to see my men!  Don’t you just love modern technology?!  When I travel for work my husband and I make it a point to FaceTime each other.  I get to talk to my son and see his beautiful smile.  We sing our abc’s, give kisses and then he’s done. Lol. Then it’s just me and daddy!  I love our FaceTime dates.  Just watching him laugh brings me joy.


Do I still feel guilty for not being home taking care of my family? Yes!  Do I still miss having their company? Yes!  But at the end of the day I know that I am playing my part in helping provide for my family.  You have to take the good with the bad.  It is also times like this that make me love my husband even more for his understanding and support.  During one of our chats while I was away he said “you set the tone for our house”.  And he is right.  So I try my hardest to take my time away to regroup, refresh and return a better wife, mother and “tone setter” than when I left.


How do you make the most of your time away from your family?


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