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Life of Leigh / Sunday, January 12th, 2020

It’s been a while. I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things and get back to blogging. But, it’s been tough. Life just seemed to get in the way. The free time I did have was spent on the couch scrolling through social media and watching Hallmark movies. Because, what’s better than that. Then, thanks to my cousin, I was introduced to a new genre (to me) on YouTube. “Clean With Me” cleaning motivation videos.

Since being introduced to these videos I’m addicted. While some friends and family think I’m weird, I can’t get enough of watching people clean their house. Decorate and undecorate for the holidays. Organize a pantry or closet. Seeing others’ before and after picture has a way of motivating you to create your own.  YouTube cleaning motivation is really a thing!  We talk about kids watching other kids on YouTube play with toys. I get it! I watch other people clean their sink as I’m cleaning mine. If you’ve vowed to get and keep your house together for the new year watching these youtubers will give you the cleaning motivation to get it done.


  1. Guilt Free Momma

She is by far my favorite! Her content is realistic and relatable. She is a working momma who is honest about the woes of trying to keep a clean house on top of everything else. She’s also the first youtuber I saw be honest about how long it took her and what time it was when she finished.


  1. Lindsey’s LifeNstyle

Again, relatable content. She posts every week which is perfect to have a new video to view on your weekly deep cleaning day. There’s also grocery hauls and cooking videos if you like that type of thing. (I do!)


  1. Jessica Tull

I wish my house looked as good as hers after I clean.   I just love her décor. She’s another SAHM that posts consistently about her cleaning routines, meal prepping and other relatable mom stuff.


  1. This Life of Mine

I found myself watching one of her videos one night talking back like she could hear me! I just love when a Youtuber is authentic and doesn’t put on a show for the camera. Not only will you get cleaning motivation with her videos, you will also get a little inspiration to keep going in life! Please go watch and support this hard working momma!


I hope you enjoy watching these ladies’ videos as much as I do! If you’re into YouTube cleaning motivation videos, let me know who you watch. I’m always looking for more ladies to support and motivation to continue to get this house in order.

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